Cloud Based Patient Management Software

Powered by EMR Advantage® from Industry recognized Canadian Health Systems, the platform offers

  • A fully integrated electronic health records system that allow providers to perform all standard practice related tasks easily and efficiently
  • Comprehensive Chronic Disease Management allow physicians to closely monitor chronic care patients without devoting a substantial amount of time to data collection. The software simplifies the process of recording detailed information, booking follow-up visits and helping quickly identify trends
  • Allows healthcare providers to implement preventative care programs that offer the patient a higher caliber of care
  • A Patient Portal that allows your patients to book appointments, update their information, and monitor the status of their test results 24/7

Benefits of Cloud Med Electronic Health Records

  • Your patients and you will have an electronic version of their medical history that is maintained over time.  It will include all of the key administrative clinical data relevant to that person’s care under a particular provider(s), including demographics, progress notes, problems, medications, vital signs, immunizations, laboratory data and radiology reports and images.
  • Increased transparency, portability, and accessibility acquired by the adoption of Cloud Med will  increase the ease with which a patient’s medical history can be retrieved by healthcare professionals on the system 24/7 which is extremely important in cases of referrals and emergencies when having this information readily available can be life saving
  • Cloud Med can boost the quality and safety of patient care. With it you can prescribe and order medication for patients online more safely as you will know if the patient was prescribed any medication from another physician on the network. You can also immediately know each patient’s medical problems and any allergies they may have. With such detailed information available at your fingertips, your staff can more easily give your patients the safe, efficient and personalized care that they deserve

Focus On Care

Cloud Med is designed to help patients and their families become more involved in the healthcare process.

  • Decide how much of a chart the patients should have direct access to view
  • Send visit summaries to patients, summary contains information about the care provided during the visit, medications prescribed, upcoming/follow-up appointments and related medical advice. The objective of the summary is to make patients and their family members more aware of what occurred during the visit and how they can assist in patient care
  • Patients can also update their charts, allowing you to better monitor their home BP, Blood Sugars and BMI between visits

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